April 7, 2004

Autism Test

Sometimes autistic people are viewed as dumb. Sometimes they are viewed as being really smart. Autism essetially is the trait defined by the lack of ability to see inside the mind of another.

At a young age most people develope the ability to understand how people around them think. Tracking eyes from near birth and absolutely possessing the skill to predict external mental behavior by the age of 4.

Since the brain is modular and weaknesses often offset our strengths it is very common for autistic people to be mathematically strong and exceptionally weak at communicating. I did take the college level entry exam after doing good on a math test in 5TH grade.

While I am not outright 100% autistic, my lifestyle is / was certainly one which would progress the situation...and I was really good at math when I was a kid. Most of my social interactions occur through words I read or the letters I type. As a kid I had few friends.

Anyway the autistic test ranges from 1 - 32 with an average person being a 16.4. The higher the score, the more likely a person is to be considered autistic. Fully autistic people usually score about a 35. I took the autism test and had the following results

Agree: 4,7,9,12,16,18,19,22,23,26,33,39,41,42,45,46: 1 point
Disagree: 1,10,11,24,27,31,38,47: 1 point
Score: 24

My autims test scores are probably slightly off due to my recent engagement to learning in a book and my slight understanding of neurology.

As one continues to read through Mind Wide Open, Steven Berlin Johnson talks greatly about eye tests and how some can instinctively read the emotions of another just by a glance at the eyes. Non autistic people have their amygdala light up when they try to figure out what emotions another set of eyes portray. If one goes with their innitial reaction they are right a majority of the time. Second guessing and over analysis almost indefinitely leads to the wrong answers.

Autistic people do not have this same activity within the amydala and are forced to use the neocortex to derive pattern recognition in others - to realize what different things mean. The problem is that this is the very action which provides incorrect results for others.

This lack of empathetic feeling points exactly to why I did illegal things which offset some of my own psychological states. For example, the effect of alchohol deadens the over analytical portions of the brain. It prevents me from over analyzing things. In addition alchohol temporarily boosts serotonin levels, which increases a sense of empathy between people.

When I drink a little (but not too much) I have this rare sense that I know exactly what other people are thinking based on their body language. This feeling is exasperated exceptionally well because of it's lack of existence within my own mind from day to day. It does not necissarliy mean that I understand people more than other people do, or that I even understand other people more than I normally do. What it means is that based specificially on physical attributes in that state I believe I can read people better than I normally can. When I first meet new people this is not one of my strong natural attributes.

Thus the effects of my own lushness were the exact opposite of everything I knew...no analytical reactor, no weeks without sunlight, no weeks of crying myself to sleep. It provided a connected sense of empathy which I could only get artificially for brief periods of time...and so I did.

Posted at April 7, 2004 8:44 AM

I think you will find that the alcohol reduces your inhibitions which in turn results in you being less anxious. In other words, normally you would be worrying to much what other people think about you and this leads to a spiral of negative thoughts that are self-defeating.

From what you have said above, normally (that is without alcohol) you would be anxious when you meet people for the first time. It is this anxiety which causes what I refer to as static in your mind and thus you are not able to listen to your feelings (feelings being the way your subconscious mind talks to your conscious mind).

Because you are not able to rely on your feelings to give explanation to body language, you instead attempt to make up for this by consciously analysing the body language but unfortunately the conscious mind does not have access to the same quantity of data, the processing speed or the working memory that the subconscious mind does and mistakes are made. Over time this behaviour is repeated and as a result your mind learns that you are not very good at reading the body language of others and you stop trusting yourself.

All this means that eventually you get to a point that every time you are in a situation where you meet new people, you become very anxious and your mind goes into a spiral of negative thoughts that are self-defeating i.e. "I'm no good", "Nobody likes me", "I'm no good", etc....

When you have reached this point, it takes a lot of hard work to re-program your mind and to start trusting your feelings again.

Back to the alcohol, it reduces your inhibitions and gives you an inflated sense of self worth so to an extent you no longer care what other people think. For some people they will fall back into the old habit of listening to what their feelings tell them about the body language of others but for most they will just disregard what other people are thinking and hence many people become obnoxious as they drink more and more.

I got 41 but i am not a diagnosed autistic, i find life quite hard to get through somtimes has anyone got any advice? i am also a dyslexic and find school quite hard to cope with as well as there a re alot of people there.

Hetty Grant on June 24, 2005 9:06 PM

I just took the autism test and I scored 36. Which seems to mean I am autistic. I'm 23 and always thought I was. Yet I was a child prodigy in violin and piano. Now I do find it difficult to have friends who aren't super smart in some field. So they have a reason to maybe study me or put up with me because they admire my few great talents and many weak spots.

Anyway. Does this mean that I'm disabled. What do I do for treatment. I don't believe this personality of mine and my brain can be changed. Also because I'm older now and was without treatment for many years. I was very good at math. Tested at college level at age 4 or so. But now that I've not used it I'm no longer interested in it and therefore no longer good at Math. Which is interesting in itself. Anyway. If anyone has anything to share that would be great. Warm regards.

Hetty, Vera:
Welcome to the club! I am an adult with Asperger's Syndrome, and autism specturm disorder. I coordinate a little "project" to create, build and sustain support for people like us. Get in touch with me if you would like and we can discuss it.

Jarl K. Jackson on November 9, 2005 9:09 PM

hi my name is miranda and i dont have autism, but i was doing a report on it for school... im in the 10 grade and i was wounding about people who are like smart from it but i cant find nuthing on it,, can you help me out...!!
how there smart from it
please that would be great

I'm confused about most things in life and don't fit in with other people. alcohol can create anxiety as well as help it. it makes me feel more confused than usual

Hi all....i just took this test...i got a 31....hmmm???
i was a very secluded child....not social at all...i never payed attention in class....always daydreamed.....obsessive as heck...and really good at math...i got my b.s. in bio @ ucla...and minored in musichistory.....but i was depressed as ever....now im intending on getting a masters in art/design...:) i really bad in social situaitons...so in ucla i was drunk the whole time....1-to be more social 2-why on earth was i trying to become a doctor?
lifes good now....i do have the strangest and coolest friends. people do call me dumb and that they cant read me. dandy.
so what do i do?

I'm writing this about my daughter. She's 24 years old. She was diagnosed at three with developmental delayed. I'm trying to get her re- evaluated as an adult it is very difficult if you don't have good insurance to cover the expense. The medical coupon many Doctors won't accept it. My daughter was born disabled. She's been to special schools for her developmental delayness. She was 20 years old when we moved to Seattle, Washington in 2002. We moved from Chicago, Illinois.As an adult I can't get any funded for testing, assessment, screening or evaluation because she an adult or too old. 24 years old she not too old. I need information, assistance and guidance to where to go from here. HELP! Vuwea's mother Vanessa Scott

Hi, I scored 44 on the test. I am going to a sort of interview to see if I am autistic in a few days.

Jeremy Keeling on November 10, 2006 12:45 PM

46yrs of age and scored 36. Interesting! I have always felt that I am somehow different from others, maybe I am on to something.

Greg Womack on August 1, 2007 1:47 AM

I am a teaching assistant in the UK and I have recently had a training day on Autism and Asbergers. I was surprised at how much I could relate to from child to adult years. I have just done the test online and I scored 39 which seems rather high. I may well make enquiries at my G.P surgery. If I am autistic/asbergers it would cert ainly answer a lot of personal questions I have had right through my life

I scored a 24,ive been reading up on autism and asperger,when i read them the first time, it didn't absorb into my mind,and it seems like it makes more sense when i read it again a few months later. i didnt do too bad for a mtbi = mild traumatic brain injury.

Hello I just turend 18 and I am still in highschool. I have had an unknown problem all my life and just recentley typed my symptoms on the internet and found that it realated alot to autism or something like it. I took the test the first time and scored a 41 second time I scored a 38. Some of the questions I dont seem to get ,so I guessed on 2 of them. I dont have any friends at all. The only friends I could remember was in 6th- 9th grade when I was in middle/high school that only had 100 kids. I actually remembered that I had 3 autistic friends. They seemed very normal to me. They were easy to talk to. Now Im at a totally new school. I try to make friends but its just so hard.

I just took the test and got 24.

I have been really shy all my life and I only really have online friends. I work for a busy print room in a town and have to communicate with loads of people so I guess it helps with my shyness/autism.

I do like nothing more than to write fantasy action adventure films when at home. I also like dangerous sports like Parkour and High speed cycling.

Great test though!

Jon UK.

Hey folks,

Scored 24. Nice test. Always felt I was a little shy for my own liking. Speak 3 Languages fluently. Graphic Design Grad. Now doing software programming which I pretty much taught myself via work and manuals. Work in a Large printing firm. Manage a client server system serving close to 500 users. Kind a feel difficult to verbalise stuff properly to the every day joe. No problem interacting with other developers and programmers.Feel much better communicating via emails then phone or in person. Thankfully 90% of my comm is via emails. Sometimes I feel left way behind in a group chit chat. I pretty much mis my turn all the time. But hey most of time people talk for the sake of talking with not an ounce of sense in it!


i just did this and got i think a 24?..
does that mean i might be slightly autistic?..
i know something isnt right with me,but i dont know how to tell my family that i want to see a doctor..its so hard for me to explain what im feeling that makes me think theres somthing wrong..
everytime i try to get the words out its like my tongue curls up and wont let me talk..

After reading everyone's post I have noticed a relationship between our perceived differences from those who appear to be normal around us and the negative connection that we make to our own behaviors. Like many of you who have posted here I have also been filled with self doubt, which leads to a critical analysis of my own behavior and thoughts (which others may perceive as me putting myself down). Alone on the playground I would sit, just watching the other children play. The few relationships that I did manage to make were eventually destroyed by others in tolerating my inability to let things go. Even in my adulthood, I would question why I was nervous or would become anxious when I would hear certain sounds (including my overwhelming sense of fear when I would hear a train whistle). Making eye contact would make me nervous, I felt as if others could see my inability to control the thoughts that never seemed to stop by simply looking into my eyes. I wanted to be portrayed as normal; because of going against what was considered normal was something negative to society. Not feeling like others around me made me feel like I was less intelligent in their eyes (so I made myself believe that I was inferior to everyone else). Perhaps one day I will have control over my neurotic theories, and my desire to achieve ultimate knowledge won’t seem so relevant to my existence. Good luck to all of those who fight the same internal battle that I am capable of winning. One last (neurotic) statement... who are we to say that our situation is a disability but a gift that has yet to be focused in the right direction.
Morgan House

Check out wordsofpeace.net for ultimate knowledge.
Unbelievable, wonderful experience. Practiced for 30years.

Rose Arthur on May 6, 2008 3:40 AM

ok im 14 and i scored 24! is that good or bad? should i b worried?

Ok, just because you scored a 24, that doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. Stop over-analyzing it. I am 20 and I work as a Nanny for a 15-year-old severely Autistic boy. If you were Autistic, you would know. Don't over-analyze things and read too much into this little quiz.

I got 41, albeit most of my answers being "weakly agree/disagree". I was the best math student in my school by grade 4, and my cousin has aspergers syndrome. In grade six, my family moved, in my new school I failed maths, and barely scrapped into university.
I've been wondering if I have aspergers like my cousin for a while. I should probably be tested.

Oke this is really hard for me , but I deperately need some information.
I think I may have the Asperges syndrom.
I am 15 years old and I live in The Netherlands
When we had to read a book for English class I just picked a book that looked nice by the cover.
When I started to read the book I noticed the likeness of me and one person in the book who had Asperges .

By this I started to look for information about The Asperges syndrom.
I looked at wikipedia and more sites and when they mentioned 10 qualities,I had 7 of them.
Here are some of them :
-I normally can't keep up a chat , but I trained my self for my whole life to do it properly but still it's not good.
-My memory is different from some neurotypical i can remember things very clearly in scenes.
But i cant remember my past in a whole story but in parts ( scenes).
And those are very detailed , when I tell someone about a memory the people who are listening are fascinated by what I tell them and they ask me how i do that. But is happens without any efford.
- I never look someone straight in the eye , but I also trained my self to do that.
- I am higly sensative , one time I went to the doctor because i had many headaces and he told me that I was a very sensative person wich made him give me a anti depressiva called Prozac
- I can't stand some noises , all I want to do when I hear such noise is cover my ears or go to a place where can't here that.

But there is one thing that does not fit into the whole story : I am not good at maths.
But maybe it is because I don't want to.
I keep my mind blocked from it.
But I am very good at languages, I can speak 4 languages.
My mother tongue is Turkish , and my second language is Dutch. So please forgive me if I made some writing/spelling mistakes, because English is my third language.

On the test I scored 32.
And further more , I don't dare to go to the doctor's I dont know why but I really want to know if I have the syndrom.

Tell me what you think about it.

hi, i got a 30, and i have always had it in the back of my mind that i am.i dont know what to do, any suggestions?im 17 and so confused

Kim - Autism's a spectrum, and just because you work with a young man who scores highly on that spectrum does not mean those who score lower are over-analysing themselves and reading too much into the quiz.

That said, you're quite right to say that just because someone's scored 24 (or any number higher or lower) doesn't mean they're Autistic. And there's nothing 'wrong' with people who are (I'm sure you didn't mean it that way, just some people seem to be rather panicky at the thought of being Autistic).

Certain traits like ability with Maths are not a symptom of Autism - they're simply noticeable trends within people who are known to be Autistic. Not being good at Maths does not rule out Autism, and vice versa, being good at Maths does not 'prove' anything...

Nor does the test itself. It's a very handy little gauge to test how much of your personality has Autistic traits, but it cannot replace a proper diagnosis by a trained professional.

As I said, Autism is a spectrum, so those people who have led relatively normal lives, but always wondered if there was something 'different' about themselves need not be alarmed by scoring highly - if you feel you need help, go get it (it's good talk/email with someone you trust about it, because they'll probably have some insight into you that you couldn't have thought of). But if your life has been pretty normal, and you don't feel that the way your mind works is hampering your ability to do the things you want to, forget about it! The old adage rings true - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Personally, I scored 28. I'm 24. I've generally been pretty good at Maths (but rubbish at remembering times-tables, because they didn't interest me until a few years ago when I got into the patterns) and Science, but better at the Humanities and Arts - always had a very good grasp of written-word, loved history (mmm.. dates!), loved to draw, and at 17 taught myself guitar, piano and bass in a year (to grade 6).

I'm socially awkward and self-conscious, but that doesn't get in the way of my ability to enjoy myself and spend time with the people I already get on with. It makes it very hard to make new friends, but I manage that by reminding myself that actually, once you get to know me and in spite of my flaws, I'm quite a nice person.

It's not easy, but do-able, for me. But it's a spectrum and no two Autistic people are the same. Like I said, if you can cope/are coping, don't worry about it. If you can't, seek help.

Hi, i am currently doing a study at university which uses the test you have all been doing. Its called the autistic quotiant designed by Baron-cohen and others. It doesnt measure for autism instead it is used to measure autistic traits and the degree of autistic traits in the general public and could possibly be used to point out individuals who have mild autism. So if you do have a high score dont worry to much as it may just be down to your personalty. Also men seem to score higher thant women.

I scored 46...

I've been autistic since age 8. Myself, I find myself very good at math, but science, social studies, explaining my answer to history questions, and reading comprehension weren't very good. My vocabulary was bad, so I do good at spelling words that I understand the pronunciation of, but if it's a new word and I have little work to handle it, things get frustrating. In 4th grade, I was in the 7th grade level on Math and 2nd grade level on Reading Comprehension. In fact, mt math skills were so good I really stood more than the straight A student who often stayed quiet. Explaining my understanding and point of view was very limited, at least during the first few years of my autism. If we got into a subject at school that I found frustrating, I'd have a hard time focusing and avoiding staring at the clock during class. When I took the autism test I got a 29, but that was recently just before I was making this comment. As of a few years ago, I started working on doing math in my head. Without a picture of a problem, I'm able to calculate 2 by 2 multiplication, even 3 by 2 a little less, but 3 by 3 was really challenging. With the help of seeing the problem right in front of me, I could mentally do 4 by 4 problems. Doing math was always a fun subject and I was ahead of everyone, so if I failed(which happened once in a while), things got really stressful for me. Do I have good enough math skills to be a savant? What kind of autism do I have?

Joshua Gavina on December 25, 2008 3:04 PM

i got 47 on the test
my psychiatrist told me i was autistic but my dad said he was stupid and that i shouldnt listne to him. i always thought i was. maybe i should tell my dad that i am


I got a 17...
..which indicates a lot of people were wrong. Which is good i guess, but I now have absolutely no idea why I feel so different.

Hi guys I just did the test with my 6 year old son. I would not even be looking into autism but my mother swears my son is autistic. I have fought with her for 5 years over it. My son has many behavor issues. He does not communicate well. And is very hyper all the time. I think he is more adhd then anything and I am seeking some sort of treatment for him. He does not like school. He is in kindergarten and got sent to the principles office last week. I am not sure what to think or what to do so I decided to do research first. If anybody has any advice for me my email is mstydoucet@gmail.com

I got a 31. I don't think I have autism though. I have no clue what's wrong with me. It's like I have a million different minds and IQ's in one brain. It's really annoying because I feel like I'm trapped inside myself and I get very depressed because I don't really know how to express myself. I have a million phobias. I can't go in stores alone without having a panic attack. When too much is coming at me at once, I freeze. I hate numbers though and suck at math. Ask me anything about animals, dog breeds, human sexuality, most animal anatomy, and genetics, and I will go on for a long time happily in conversation pretty much with myself while the other person is just not caring. My friends say I'm like an encyclopedia and know everything about everything you don't need to know. I've struggled my whole life with school. My teachers have always said I was borderline dyslexic, but not enough to get any help because they thought I was jut sitting on my brains. I'm 18, and I'm sick of bing trapped. I hated always seeing my friends and my brother on honor role and even when I put all of my effort into it, I never came close. I graduated a half a year later than my class, and since my grades were never good and even though my doctors and teachers said I would always be behind but never qualified for help, I'm terrified that I will never get into college and be able to fallow my dreams of working with animals. I'm sick of doctors saying "she may have this, this, and this" but never testing me or diagnosing me. If I knew what was wrong, maybe I could fix it.

well i scored 11.........what does that say about me?

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