July 25, 2005

Jury Duty Exemption & What a Society Feels is Important

So I got a jury duty letter in the mail today. Not sure what to think about that. I don't like many of our laws, and have absolutely zero faith in the legal system.

I have been traveling a bit, and have not looked, but hopefully I do not have much planned in October...just in case.

Intersting to see that some public services (such as military or emergency response) get a waiver from having to participate. Also if you are uber old, or are taking care of a really young or really old person between normal jury hours you are exempt too.

If a commercial enterprise would sink if you were not there to run it that is exempt. I sorta am wondering what defines that. In an attention market a month away from the web could seriously undermine the financial stability of many webmasters. I did not try to throw that card though as I feel it is a bit sleezy for me to do that since I knowingly take days off here and there.

I also found it interesting that students and teachers get a free pass as well. While officially I am neither, surely I have been learning more than most students do, and generally in a more focused manner. I have had many professors contact me about my ebook I sell. In that sense I surely help some teachers teach, but of course I have no official position since the field in which I work is so new and undefined that I have wrote one of the more credible pieces of literature on the topic after only a few years of exposure.

The history books are rewrote from people's interpritations of past works and events before their time, but by simply recording many public documents and how they change over time you can probably get a good feel of many of the larger changes in societal norms and beliefs.

Posted at July 25, 2005 10:50 PM

I can say with a high degree of certainty that if you sat in the jury box and said "i have absolutely zero faith in the legal system" you would be excused. Or when the judge or attorney asks about occupation, and you tell them you are a professor of peanut butter, that will most likely be grounds for dismissal as well.

I would have to say that was a damn fine piece if writing there aaron. I had to run to my roomys room and have him read it. Tight Bra Tight!

several of my neighbors were called but excused.1 lady claimed she was friends with a police officer.they asked his name and excused her.one guy said that he couldnt give a fair trial to the minority guy accused of armed robbery bcs he and his wife were robbed by a similar minority.he was excused.bobby was asked if he or anyone close to him did a serious crime or were accused of same.he said his sister was accused of taking a car and he was accused.a guy said he can tell guilt or innocence by just looking at defendant and he was excused twice.some prospects claim they believe in jury nullification which means the jury can legally decide what they think is fair disregarding evidence.supreme court has upheld this but no one will tell u .jury nullification belief guts u out.some guys were being considered for a murder case and said they read of it in the papers and formed an opinion as to guilt.they were excused.another guy said most of his friends were police officers and he was excused.all the excuses were true i believe.not nice to lie in court.its your civic duty to serve and some guys like it.amen

if u claim u are friends with a police officer u get tossed.dont lie.have a name and know him.some of them are very fine fellows.brave and upright.etc.

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