July 25, 2005

Psychonauts...Kicks Ass Video Game

Kick ass video game.

For a long time I gave up on video games, writing them off as too complex and seeing them as a trivial waste of time. RBI Baseball was all I needed. Three buttons, easy to win, and possible to win 30 - 0 in two innings. Psychonauts uses like 10 buttons and some of them you even custom set. A few spots I got frustrated and stuck, but for the most part I found most of the game easy to play. Some of the worlds fold and warp in on themselves, so playing a game like that on a 2 dimention screen is a bit different than anything else I have done before.

Another interesting thing is that with the game you end up going inside the minds of many others, into their own little worlds, and to see some of the problems the various other people have. Sure it may sound stupid, and the game play is definantly cartoony, but it reminds me of the petty small things that are big in my life.

If someone were to jump into my mind what thought figments would they find? What parts of my mind would be cloudy? By exploring the minds of various cooky people it becomes easier to see the problems in some not so cooky people in the real world. Of course much of it is surface level but the game did end up causing me to have crazy dreams last night.

Sometimes when you dream there are illogical bits which end the dream or flip you off to another (at least it seems that way with me). Last night those did not flip me out of my dreams. My dreams kept going and kept getting more and more wacked out.

Do video games have any affect on children? Well if they cause me to have or remember crazy dreams I am sure they do things to children too, but all in all they can be as much of a positive as a negative.

I am not one who is great at that thing they call moderation though, and have played that game about 25 hours last week.

here is a free Psychonauts tips and tricks online guide

Posted at July 25, 2005 1:02 AM
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