January 9, 2006

The Scam of Market Security

So thinking about it I realize that most people who are wealthy are more wealthy than they deserve to be...ie: the game is rigged and most people above a certain threshold have more value than they created.

I am starting to create new content channels in a wide spectrum and feel weird knowing that in many cases I am absolutely creating no value with what I am doing. The shit I will be supporting will be people buying in on things that may not be worthwhile, but are sold as being pure and good by society in general.

Insurance: a necessity? Maybe. To some. But there is a company making money and paying employees. Obviously typically less is returned than brought in or the companies would cease to exist. But then what about the stock market? Generally, shady.

I guess at the end of the day people pay for happiness, they pay for the illusion of security, and they pay for dreams they will most likely never reach.

I have done really wasteful shit like hard drugs. I have also done really shameful shit like drive drunk. Right now I am still living a bit wrecklessly in that I am not taking care of my social physical or mental health, but typing feels good :)

I have put efforts into diversifying risk profiles and income streams, but I guess it doesn't really make me all that happy, and when I slightly modified some of the things I was doing on my site (say less negativity and writing at a lower level) my income prettymuch doubled.

There is a sucker in most every investment exchange and the best way to build value is to learn and share. Most things I have done that I thought were shortcuts really didn't save me much in the lines of time, energy, attention, or happiness. In fact most of them robbed those from me. I still think I am going to try my newest venture for no less than a few months just to so I am not stuck wondering what might have happened.

I really wish I could be more committed to some of the things I do, but it is hard knowingly polluting the world's information base after I am past self sustaining when there are people out there starving and having bombs dropped on them courtesy my tax dollars to the US government, which needs to keep defense stocks growing or it hurts the stupid fucking economy.

The things I have overspent on:

  • my bed
  • my chair - coming soon
  • isolation (unfortunate regret will come in the near future no doubt)
  • patterns and a fear of change
  • not being willing to change my ways or worldview to prove I am right...and unfortunatly I seem to have enough drive to pull it off

Posted at January 9, 2006 2:29 AM

"...and when I slightly modified some of the things I was doing on my site (say less negativity and writing at a lower level) my income prettymuch doubled."
When I read blogs and content on websites I am floored by the lack of competence I find in writing. Uggh, don't compromise writing. Negativity - okay, leave it for the PB website, but good writing ... please don't write down.

I trust your words because though thoroughly morbid and deeply sarcastic at times, you seemed an honest joe, and I felt you knew what you were saying by researching you across the net. There are suckers everywhere, but the fact that you did build value in what you did and did share - and did offer it to non-profits, etc... has led me to recommend you many times over.

Ummm...you really should consider an affiliate program.

Oh, and if you earn your wealth honestly, then you can take money from those that shouldn't have so much and apply it in places where it can be used honorably.

All my money goes to my family account, which in turn, helps me and my dh take care of our family and kids. We aren't into mass consumption. We bought a 1230 sq. ft. home for 5 people and 3 dogs and we live TOGETHER b/c you just do that when your home is 1230 sq. ft. Life is good and we give much of what we earn as we can.

You have a gift - whether you worked to achieve it or it came natural. Use the gift and do something with the returns that lifts your spirits.

Thanks for the fun post Heather...I think you emailed me a while back and I still need to reply to that...sorry for the delay :(

anyhow I was not saying that I want to write down to people, more that in sharing stuff I already know in honest easy usable formats I likely make greater profits and help more people than I do when I chase the next thing learning stuff more advanced than most people would be interested in seeing / reading / learning

Oh yes, well then ... by all means do that, because I swear the geek speak is so very over my head and would lose me in a heartbeat.

heh heh

No rush on the other thing ...

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