January 9, 2006

US Navy Defense Appropriations Discharge in Absentia

If you were in the U.S. Navy and are awol, or missing, or a deserter you may want to look into the Navy's Defense Appropriations Discharge in Absentia program. From the news blog:

If there is no other "impending offense" the "member" (a euphemism for deserter) is offered an administrative discharge by telephone and mail. The member doesn't even have to come back for out-processing.

"The member is contacted and we make them the offer for a non-punitive discharge. If they agree, we send them the paperwork. They have to waive their rights to an administrative discharge. If they agree and have not committed a serious offense, or there is no reason to believe there is any other offense, they are discharged," Higgins added.

Posted at January 9, 2006 11:02 PM

Seems to me the navy wants to quietly cut loose those with the self respect and balls to leave on thier own terms. Actually the milpersman article regulating this instruction provides for it being an option for the deserter after two years of absence. However as we know, military rules are enforced arbitrarily. I have heard of people being offered this at 4 monts and 1 year.
"Why would the navy do this"??? Several reasons. One, the navy simply doesn't have the means to court martial every deserter that has blown it off (there are at minimum 10,000 people deserter status right now). For example Norfolk has around 20,000 people attached to it, with a staff of only around 5-10 jag officers. Two, if the navy were to make drastic changes in the way it handles this,attention would be drawn to the problem. It would be really bad PR for the public to be asking why so many sailors are deserting. That would blow the lid off of the shitty living and working conditions that we endure.
Just my 2 cents.


I dont know what the opposition is on it, but I am U/A right now and have been for 3 weeks. It is tough because I am in Japan and having to stay with friends. I am going to turn my self in soon because i know that the punishment will involve them sending me home. lol. But in the case. I was wrote up for being late to work, and then told that since I cant show up to work, they are sending me up to see the Captain, and that I was being kicked out of my division and being sent to deck division to paint the ship for the rest of my 5 years. I looked at my chief, then my first class, ripped up my counsling chit and threw it at them, and then stormed out of the office. Immediatly, I packed my bag, and everything that I would need to stay off base, and I went to a friends house, where I have been since. At the same time, I have been searching for a job. But that is impossible in Japan without a work visa. So I am forced to party for a little bit more, and then I am going to go to the front gate and turn in. It is a shitty life. To think that we live in these conditions for putting ourselves on the line for the country. And yet people get paid millions to play sports and they arent risking thier lives everyday life we are. I hate it. I hope that no one joins the military. IT is nothing like the commercial says.


Hi Andrew,

Don't turn yourself in just yet. Google GIrights hotline to get thier number and call them. It is best to wait a minimum of six months to turn yourself in. Make sure you are dropped from the rolls so you dont get sent right back to your unit. Before six months you are likely to be severely punished and/or sent back to your division. If you wait and do it past six months you will likely just be processed out with an OTH, by that time the NAVY figures you have lost the "discipline" it instilled in you and doesnt see much point in spending time or money on you. My friend was UA for 9 months, got turned in by a "friend", did 2 weeks in the brig, and was processed out with an OTH. Other Than Honorable Discharge means basically nothing, it is not a criminal offense. All it means is that the military was not for you, which believe it or not is a plus in the eyes of some employers if you choose to tell them about it.

Hi, I was looking to get the "discharge in absentia", i'm currently at 6 months. The 7th of april it'll be 6 months exactly. How/when do i know if the warrant for my arrest has been lifted, to avoid a slip up, i gave up driving for the past 6 months so i didn't get any traffic tickets. i wanna get back on the road so i don't have to bum rides to work and the gym.One more thing, should i just wait til the 7th to contact nacic or does it have to be the 180th+ day or is it better to give some days for cushion. A navy "investigator" called my parents house asking for me about a month ago, i figured that nacic had received my papers at that point, but i haven't contacted them.

Hi jman

The warrant for your arrest wont be lifted until you resolve the situation with the navy. Google GI rigts hotline, get thier number and call them, they can give lots of info on that. You can drive if you are carefull and take care of all your dmv registration stuff. If theres a federal warrant out for you dmv wont see it unless it is traffic related. As far as waiting, i would hold out a few more months just to ensure not being retured to your unit. Also, discharge in absentia is more likely if there are no other charges pending against you, in other words if you took off to avoid being punished for something, discharge in absentia is unlikely.
good luck

So, can you get it by phone before two years? Cause that'd piss me off if i had to wait two years, because, that's my EOS anyways..
Fuck it. I'm already UA, no point going back now.:P

I'll be in the navy for 5 months May 13th, i hate every minute of my life right now and i'm afraid to just go U/A, i want to get out, i'm sick of being depressed everyday i wake up, i don't even want to wake up and i can't handle being around alot of people (mentally) it just drives me nutts but i dont want to talk to the doctors because it's thier job to keep me here not to help me, i hate navy life, what can i do because it isn't for me at all.

Hi Brandon
I think you can get out due to failure to adapt to system if you do it ahead of the 180 day mark. call the GI Rights Hotline (800) 394-9544, or read up at girights.objector.org

aaron wall on May 7, 2006 5:43 PM

hey brandon aaron is right if you've been in less than 6 month you can do a failure to adjust document and get processed out, the navy won't even be on your record it'll be like it never happened as for me i've been UA for about 6 months now it was ruining my life i was falling into a deep depression and not caring about anything but then i realized that they wanted that to happen because i saw myself on that road to captains mast for something silly so i started talking to everyone on my ship, the chaplain the judge you know everyone my chain of command didn't support my me but i just kept at it. I requested to speak to the captain and asked the chaplain to accompany me it i was waiting 3 months for something thats supposed to take at most five days so one day i just left. now im just biding my time and you can drive just drive carefully if you don't get stopped by a cop who runs your drivers liscence no one will be the wiser but its almost time for me to go and get my OTH i don't care. Since i left the navy i've gotten a job with me making almost double what a 2 year E-4 makes. I am about to buy a house but that'll have to wait until i get back but the navy isn't for everyone and i would recommend calling the GI rights hotline I did and thats how i got lots of good info. by the way the number is 18003792679 when you call you can ask for bill he's the main guy there, the receptionist will ask you if you have an appointment with him just say no but you would like to talk to him.

I have been in the Navy for a little over a year. I can say one thing is for sure...I want the hell out. I did what alot of people did, i got caught up in the fame and glory in the recruiters office, boy was that a mistake. I finally decided to go awol and i have been awol for about 3 weeks. I am going to wait and turn myself in at about the 7 month point and hope to get out. I just want to get out and move on with my life and its a shame that so many young men and women have to live with depression and hating life. I feel i was forced to make a bad decision, but what good decisions do we have in this situation ? We can just request to get out, we will be looked at as shit bags at that point and be even more miserable. I know i dont want someone serving my country who dont want to be there so there should be an easier way out. So hopefully all goes well and i just get out and put this nightmare behind me where i can feel i am living a normal life. Hows this one cheif ?? check mate beeotch !

Hi to all of you,

Listen ive been in the navy for more than 1 yr now i think 1 yr and a half and I just hate this navy life!! Im an Engineman and they treat us like crap! Even by our own poeple we get treated like crap anfd since were forward deployed it sucks even worse! 6 on 6 off watches constant inspections! And guess what 2 months in "A" school and I have yet to work on a god damn engine!!!!!!! All i do is just wipe up oil on the engines and clean the same damn space over and over! Im tired of working with lazy ass retards 2nd classes who brag about navy this and navy that and that work is good and yet they go to sleep on watch! Its pissing me off! I report to my chain of command what the hell do they do? NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! The officers have no knowledge on engines and im suppose to listen to them??? Im suppose to follow their leadership?!

My main point is this if you havent figured it out...I want the hell out but im afraid! I dont want to screw up my civilian life! i read the article but yet...im having second thought. See I dont want to go UA over here in japan becuase I dont know anyone! Is it safe to go back to the US and hide out their or something? Im desperate here you know im tired of this so called "HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT" BS when the poeple dont enforce it!

I have been in for 11 months now, going on a year aug29th(the day i got to boot)I am stationed at Pax River, MD. I hate the military.

I am suffering. I have 2-3 anxiety attacks a day, and crying spells 4-6 times a day. i wake up depressed, and feel like all is lost, and I'm just a twig in a current.

I have scoliosis BAD. (20 degree curvature- 5 away from disharge- and it's killing me) it makes my symmetry uneven- one arm and leg is longer than the other considerably- making it very hard to run- it literally hurts to run. I didn't even know my spine was so bad until i got to a school.
I was lucky that i turned 20 before boot camp. i would have never made the 19 y/o group time. i barely made my age groups time- passed by 2 seconds. after battle stations i was on SIQ until graduation then LLD untill three weeks after i got to a school. It hurts me SO BAD that I have to get my husband to PUSH me out of bed and then drag me to my feet. It's even gotten to where I can't get through the day without either 2400mg's of ibuprofren or 400mg's of ultram in my system.

I am told by my psych i may have reactive anxitey, but what the navy doesn't know is that I was unofficially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. it was never documented, but I took soroquel and zoloft for it. i also have add/adhd, and took ritalin as a child, as well as adderal and welbutrin.

I am tired of being nervous all the time. i am tired of feeling like everyone is judging me and watching me. I am tired of pt'ingwith healthy people who tell me- 'you can do it' NO I FREAKING CAN'T. YOU HAVE NORMAL, SYMMETRIC BODIES. YOU DON'T HAVE SCREWED UP, SCARED MINDS. I DO, AND I CAN'T RUN A MILE AND A HALF IN FIFTEEN MINUTES. IT'S NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE FOR ME!!

i just want out, but I am scared to go UA. I don't want to ruin any chances of having a normal life. The happiest time of my life was staying in a motorhome with my husband for a week. We know live in a two bedroom apt/duplex with paid utilities. And we hate life. And all this stress is threatening to tear us apart. I feel trapped up here. He is not, and he says if he goes home to Louisiana, and I don't go with him, we won't stay married. If he divorces me because the military won't help me, i will be very tempted to OD on vicodin.

I would rather be working at a bookstore making minimum wage living in a camper- happy with my husband, than making 600 a paycheck and having utilities paid for and being utterly miserable.


hey, my name is misty. my fiancee has been in the navy since the beginning of february. he wasnt supposed to be stationed over seas, but they sent him to japan anyway. im 7 months pregnant and hes trying to get them to let him leave so he can be here to see his daughter bein born, but they refuse to let him leave. he has tried to talk to everyone over there and no one will listen to anything he says. hes thinking about going awol, but doesnt know if he will get into alot of trouble like jail time. he wants a discharge but no one again will tell him anything. do you think its a good idea to go awol or just wait to see if they will change their minds about letting him come back when shes born? any information you can give would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


I've been in the Navy for 8 months now, and I don't know what to do either like alot of you. I had started out in Submarine School going for STS, pretty damn impressive if I can toot my own horn. After I completed almost all their schools at the top of my class and was just about to start my A-School, I was pulled out by doctor's orders because I had hints of claustraphobia traits in my character.

Well, I figured that was alright. I could be and STG or JO or something relating, I had the high scores, was one hell of a sailor with a pretty damn good track record, once again tooting my horn. But in essence, I was the embodiment of what the Navy wanted their sailor's to represent. And what did they do to me? They sent me to Japan attached to the forward deployed "Spearhead" 7th Fleet in the Deck Division of a destroyer. What did I do to deserve that? I've done nothing but what the Navy has asked of me, even gone beyond... and this is what they throw back at me? I'm not stupid, I know every other division uses deck division as a threat. Why put me here?

For my own obvious reasons... I now want out. If this is how they treat me now, whats to say the next 4 years will not be like this. They took away my rank, my rate, my bonus and put me at the bottom of the the barrel... and without a god damn plausable reason.

my boy friend is in the navy and he is thinking about going UA what could happen to him

Well, i had been in 5.5 years before i decided to bounce. it took 11 months for a warrant to be issed on me. I had been pulled over 4 or 5 times since i diserted and never got arrested till the last time (obviousily) well, i spent 3 days in jail before NCIS picked me up and flew me to Norfolk, spent 30 days in the brig on pre trial confinement before my request for OTH in leu of courtmartial was approved. i couldnt tell ya how many people were in the brig on UA charges (btw your initial charge will be disertion but dropped to UA since disertion is legally next to impossible to prove) the brig in norfolk is a joke, its like bootcamp divided by 3, lotta yes chief and no chief and having your day scheduled for ya, but thats about as far as it goes. after serving your time you go to TPU and get processed out, usually takes about 2 weeks. best part about all of it is, you're getting full pay and bene's while in the brig, etc. so long as you dont have any other charges against you, its pretty simple... but even then, some were there for possession/use/distribution as well as UA and got the same thing i did, OTH in leu. truth of the matter is, the navy is over manned, and its a fast way to process people out.

Well i'm found a way to come home from japan by telling the navy i wanted to be married. So they let me leave with neg. days on my les and here i am. i got married and my wife and three kids are very happy i'm home. my wife was becoming very depressed almost to the point of a nervious break down causing me to feel the same. now i'm here and the navy wants me to come back. i don't want to and if it means awol so be it. my family is my life and i will find a way out and get my life back in order. if anyone can help email me please i could really use the support. Thanks

I have been in the Navy Reserves since October when I graduated A school and honestly I was all about what our military was doing with this "war". Things were pretty good at first but after about 3-4 weeks into boot camp and hearing all the things from all these people who have been in for years saying all this "good" stuff I started to realize how against what our military was doing I am, I started feeling horrible about myself knowing that I'm part of something that I'm against, something I don't wanna support. I toughed it out through boot camp and A school but i've only started feeling more and more horrible about myself, sometimes I wish I'd go to sleep and never wake up...not to say I wanna be dead but maybe go into a coma or something anything would be better than dealing with the pain I go through daily from the decision I've made. About 5 months out of A school I was diagnosed with depression and I feel that the navy is a direct cause for why I feel the way I do about myself, I've never beaten myself up over anything I've done until now. All I want is to live a normal life, They can keep there sign on bonus of 20k i don't care it's theres just so long as I can live a normal life. If anyone knows anything that can help me please contact me CoDee2205@netscape.net

hey, I've been UA for about 2 weeks now and dont have any plans on going back. I'm a 2nd class engineman and ya know after being on a frigate for so long, it starts to get to you. Like most of you I have a wife and 3 kids and she went down the trail of depression and we would fight day to day. I finally decided it was time to leave, so I went home early one day and packed my apartment and took everything to storage and that night I left VA and went home to TX. Well, I really dont regret going UA and Im just sick and tired of being controlled and like a robot. they dont care about your family...oh but they tell you they do all the time and that you will get time with your family but..no, its inspection time 365 days a year. It really gets old. At this point I really dont care if I go to jail. my family is way more important that the military and I will do anything to make myself and them happy. If I could have changed it all, I wouldnt have joined the military. Its a joke, not an honor.

They (Navy) say my son has gone UA. He left w/o notice to anyone. We are very close and talk quite frequently and he has not called me. He never expressed dissatisfaction with the Navy as a matter of fact, he spoke very highly of his commanders and his job. My questions is how do I know he has gone UA and and he has not been the victim of foul play?? Things do happen... he left a sizeable uncashed check behind, his wallet w/ ID behind and other misc items of clothing. He did have a girlfriend in Japan (Japanese) that he was seeing but I can't get any informaion on her. I Know her name is "RIKA" and she works in a salon but that's it. We are considering hiring a private investigator as the Navy "doesn't give a dame", this is basically what I got from them. Is it ok to assume that everytime a sailor comes up missing that they are UA??

Panicked MOM!

Momof "UA" on May 16, 2007 4:26 PM

Just wondering if the Defense Appropriations Discharge in Absentia applies to active Marines. I'm a deserter now for almost 6 months. I left my unit about a month beforte they deployed to Iraq. I hate being a grunt, I mean, I really shouldve join the Navy or Airforce, seriously. The majority of the blogs were written by sailors I see. Apart from being told that im going to be sniped at because I have a MK153 on my back, I guess the main reason I left was because of depression too. My command didnt give a fuck, so I just left. I dont want to be running for the rest of my life though. I talked to a Marine Legal Advocate, but all he talks about is putting me right back with my unit if I surrender, or I can even deploy with the next deploying unit he says. Obviously he doesnt get the point.

I have been in the Navy for a little over a year. I can say one thing is for sure...I want the hell out. I did what alot of people did, i got caught up in the fame and glory in the recruiters office, boy was that a mistake. I finally decided to go awol and i have been awol for about 3 weeks. I am going to wait and turn myself in at about the 7 month point and hope to get out. I just want to get out and move on with my life and its a shame that so many young men and women have to live with depression and hating life. I feel i was forced to make a bad decision, but what good decisions do we have in this situation ? We can just request to get out, we will be looked at as shit bags at that point and be even more miserable. I know i dont want someone serving my country who dont want to be there so there should be an easier way out. So hopefully all goes well and i just get out and put this nightmare behind me where i can feel i am living a normal life. Hows this one cheif ?? check mate beeotch !
Billy on June 9, 2006 10:24 PM

I was just wondering... What ever happened with that... Were you discharged? Did you have to be returned too your command or did you just sit in a brig for a couple weeks while they process you out?

I've been in the navy for 3 years now. I love it to death, yes it does suck from time to time but, that's part of the course. nobody put a gun to your heads and made you join. anybody who has researched a job knows that the navy and military in general has high divorce rates, if you wanted to be with family you should of joined the air force. the navy is great for me. i hate hearing people bitch and moan about the navy screwing them over. it's not the navy that did it to you, it's yourself cuz you knew you were too pathetic to serve your country for 4 years. and to the people who have been in over 4 years. your the dumb fuck who reenlisted. that's your own fault dumbass!

Might be, but I also can't stand being treated badly because I know I'm getting out.. I joined right when the Gulf War started, as a college graduate (BA) with a steady job- knew I only wanted to do 4 years as service, so went enlisted with probably the best job in the enlisted Navy, clearance etc.
Now it's almost time for me to get out. I served honorably, made every rank the first time up, even got both of my warfare pins, but somehow it's not enough for most of my Chain of Command. Not just that, but another very smart weapons system tech I worked with did an install and stayed late for three weeks during his last two months in - and was denied his terminal leave (???!?!), because they didn't want him to go, couldn't make him stay, so they just decided to make his last month as shitty as they could make it.. And these are adults, officers even- this kid never even had one 'counseling chit' or anything negative in his record whatsoever, great evals.. but all because he wasn't staying in. Now I'm afraid of the same things happening to me, because I always knew I was getting out.. Really really sad. I don't want any part of a system that treats its best and brightest that way.

hi everybody
im a third class nuke electrician's mate in the navy. my ship pulled into san diego last month, i got really hammered, past out, and missed ships movement. ive been UA for 3 weeks now and am considering turning myself in before the 1 month period because i dont want a warrant for my arrest. i dont really know what to do right now. i hated the navy but did what i was told and the thing is i dont want to get kicked out and miss out on a good job after the fucking training ive been through. i really need some advice. anyone?

Can Anyone that has been in the navy describe what an Engineman has to do. How is that job for a female ? How many hours a day you have to be on your feet while doing this job?

I am currently a deserter of the Navy since February. It has been almost 8 months. How do I take care of this without having to go back to my naval base? Is there a numer I can call? I really need some help to get this cleared up.

is there a discharge in absentia in the army?

Im currently enlisted in the United States Navy, I'm not a so called " shit bag" and believe me im a hard worker. I do what I have to do but I don't put up with nonsense. I've been in for a little bit more than a year( since august of last year).
This isn't the life for me, my parents kept telling me to give it a chance, give it a chance and give it a chance. How much more time do I have to do? I don't want a dishonerable and I want to know... is it for sure to get a OTH discharge for going UA for 6 months?

Anthony Temb on November 5, 2007 5:48 PM

Now I understand. The blog owner won't allow alternative viewpoints to be posted. No wonder all I see are pathetic losers posting to this worthless blog.

*** Response from blog owner: And you just proved what with that comment? Are you trying to be a reminder of why many smart people got out of the military?

BTW...the fact that this was published shows that I publish any side of an issue. But I didn't publish the one where you wrote all those nasty curse words. On second thought maybe I should let you embarrass yourself further. You should buy a book on teenage angst. You still have a lot of it pent up inside you.

I notice a lot of people saying tough it out. Stick it out pussy! Just keep your chin up and have positive thoughts... It's all about your attitude. you should die... blah blah . blah....

This all coming from people who belive that getting out of the navy any other way besides serving your time is dishonorable or pathetic because we raised our right hand...

honestly... if you think about it... Raising your right hand... Repeating what some douche bags tells you to repeat... going to parade rest.. saluting... DOESN'T MEAN A F_U_C_KING THING! simply put... Same thing with that contract... If they can lie in their commercials and let their recruiters lie their ass off all in hopes of getting more and more people to join... Half of the people don't even work... half of the people who work hardly work and usually just tell other people what to do... The 4th of the people in the navy (The new guys that get harassed and ridiculed... made fun of...) that work their ass off because if they don't they will be punished by either getting more work assigned to them or getting worse work assigned to them... I must have carried 5 times more shit than anyone else in my shop because I was bigger and new... This is how the navy wants you to become. You have a problem. You fix it and forget about it. What people don't relies is that yea... being like that will get you a good joooob and a good lifffee in sosieties eyes but really it turns you into a stupid ignorant prick overly whiling to spew his idiotic beliefs all over you because he has nothing to fear because his views and entire mind for that matter is accepted by the navy and for this reason will be accepted by employers whom share the same mind set... Employers are ass holes too... How else do you think they got where they are? So if your not like them they wont accept you... If your not like the navy they WILL make you miserable. weird people are constantly harassed and made fun of... You must relies most people in the navy are not intelligent... But they will swear up and down that they are a fucking genius.. They feel like they know all the knowledge ever to be knowledge because they only talk to people in the navy... These people are very boring, follow the blandest trends, scared as fuck to break a rule. These people have purpose in the world... I have purpose but not in the navy... I mean I do but fuck it they dont deserve me and neither does my country... Fuck all you mother fuckin haters talking shit about people who want out of the navy... You will be happy as long as we are miserable serving our sentence but the second we want out you shit your self on accident and blame it on us... Fuck your self... Fuck your mom..

i have been in the navy since augaust 23 07' and i hate every minute of every day i want out but i want to get into the army national guard so i can still ge bennefits but not near as much of the bullshit. what would happen if i told the chaplin i want to kill myself? would that bar me from the army or even get me out sometimes i seriously think i would be better off with jesus christ anyway please help me

chris malson on March 13, 2008 11:19 PM

hi there ,, i was in the navy for 7 months ive been ua for 2 months months now but at 3 wekks of being ua i got arrested for drugs and have to stay here for court ,,i contacted the navy and let them know what happened,im still awaiting court for my civilian case,,what should i do

Hey everyone. Well I've been in the navy for 7 months now and I hate this bullshit.before u come here they tell u everything the navy has to offer and it sounds great right! Wrong, its nothing but bullshit and bullshit ppl who treat u like crap because they have rank and think they are so much better than u. And before u come u sign a contract and they basically wipe their ass with it because nothing in there is guaranteed. Im a corpsman and I love the medical field I do! But not in the navy. I was supposed to be heading to start working at my next command in may as a corpsman. Now they told me that field med with the marines is open for women and they're making me go, be on hold for 3 months, then start my training and go to iraq. That's bullshit because I signed up for the reserves and I was happy to b heading home and start school. I don't mind going to iraq but the thing is my recruiter made me lie about having a heart problem and I feel it getting worse every single day. I have never felt so weak and unhealthy in my life. I went to the doctor and they told me there was nothing wrong with me. Besides that I've always been the happy person at home and I think im falling into depression here dealing with ppl treating me like shit all the time. Its not what I expected and I really don't know ho2w to get out. And I want out.

to be long winded, sweet and to the extended point, i am almost 30 years old, went to boot camp in 2004, and i have a little over four years in the Navy and less than 2 years left and i am ready to transition into a life with a wife, a dog and a picket fence. I will not take anyone's side here on this blog, but i will agree wholeheartedly about many people's experiences in the Navy that made them disgruntled. Firstly, i graduated in 2002 from college with a business degree, couldnt find work because the economy was bad and i wanted to see the world, so i enlisted as higher specialist, which has many perks and qualities, but the constant political aspects more times than none caused me to really think deeply about my decision to enlist. I wanted the GI bill as well to go to graduate school, which i have started, so that was another benefit for me because the officer community does not enjoy this benefit. I watched the twin towers just like everyone else go down my senior year in 2001 in a marketing class on the television and my first reaction was to serve because i was literally angry to no end. Little did i know that in 2008, i would be sitting here in Japan writing my negative experiences and concurring with the majority of negativity communicated here in this blog. I am not a negative person and i take full accountability. I have devised a list of checks and balances to share. I spent my first 2 years after boot and A/C school in Virginia and my first command was in Europe and it started out bad, but ended nicely with a decent evaluation, and a promotion due to the 6yo program, and an OCS recommendation from my chief, and thats difficult because most chiefs hate officers anyway, but thats because they would rather see someone suffer like they have and be the idiot that enlisted and they realize that if they become an ensign, its like losing the respect and power they already earned as a chief. Sometimes i feel this is perfectly acceptable but like in all cases in life there are exceptions to that rule because there are good officers. It is a Chief's Navy after all. Likewise, there are bad chiefs as well. In any case, i reported here 1.5 years ago, and it started out bad and ended bad. I am leaving here in a week and i couldnt be more ready to go. I have had a piss poor command and directorate that did not recognize my talents from the beginning, and there is preferential treatment that abounds up and down the chain of command. When i say preferential treatment, i mean that there are members of other ethnicities that get promoted, awarded, and recognized over others who literally do all their work for them. Its not only in our society that this happens, its in the freaking Navy and i have found that it is in fact freaking worse! Our social laws have some how bled through the cracks of Navy procedure and its absolutely unfair and chaotic to imagine from a non military affiliated person that its really like this. I am leaving this piss poor place with a less than accepted evaluation that doesnt speak highly of me nor my character which is totally unacceptable to me. To me this command has failed me and its a result of the leadership because my last command motivated me. I havent failed them or the Navy but i have made a few mistakes. I just witnessed a person i worked alongside who was a prejudiced lazy ass person recieve a NAM and would talk shit about me behind my back to my superiors painting a less than accurate picture of me while he smiled in my face saying that there is nothing wrong with me. What is ironic is that my chief didnt think he deserved the award, so he went over my chiefs head and got what he wanted from someone of the same ethnicity. Whats more ironic is that neither me or my chief knew anything about him getting a promotion because he knew damn well who really deserved that NAM. I have been counceled many times because of this person and i could never understand why but i know why if you take away my uniform and expose my ethnicity. I am not getting an award from here and I am really the one with whom my directorate depended on to do my job and communicate to flag level ranks! If they had this much confidence in me, and they write negative shit on my eval, what does this say about my superiors? shady and terrified if they dont tell the real truth about what was really occurring. My first night working, i was ready to be trained and the E-6 that was LPO at that time was there to train me. Well this nazi tells me one time how to open a combination locked vault and i was confused. When i asked him to explain, he called me a lazy ass MF and blatently called me out. I stopped him in his tracks quickly and he realized he shouldnt be crossing that barrier with me because i told him he might get his jaw clocked one time if he didnt shut the hell up. Ever since my first day, it hasnt gotten better for me because he is a power hungry coward that knows he can get away with it in the Navy and totally screw a reputation up. I hate this guy still with a passion. I have never met so many proud ass, conceited, backstabbing and ignorant kinds of people until i joined the Navy. To describe to you how i have changed for the worse, i have talked to 2 different councilors because the work environment has been so damn hostile for my whole tour here. They set expectations higher and higher raising the bar, and when you meet the expectation, the Commander adds more worthless shit. Ambiguity and confusion just add to more pissed off workers because no one ever learns what to expect and tack this on with less than intelligent people and no communication and rank jumping and pointing fingers and you have a miserable life. I have had a bout with depression here and many other fellow enlisted of the so-called majority ethnic group have the same complaints. One person gets an outtanding on the PRT and there is no way this person could ever make an outstanding just by looking at them. When you witness them trying to run the PRT and they stop and stop and then all of a sudden they get an outstanding, something is dreadfully wrong, but when the highest ranks sign off on it, its down right ridiculous because its an obvious sign of protecting thier status and their rank and retirement. Protect yourself is what its all about anymore and dont protect the people that do all the fucking work while some lazy ass has the ability to work the system while at the same time laugh behind you fucking back and spread slander about your entire existence and get away with it. How can the NAVY allow this? Where is the honor in that? Its scary to think that it would be possible to fight a war beside some of these people. Damn it, the Navy has disappointed me and there is no sense of well- being and fairness like they continue to insist. There is a horrible cloud hanging over this command and no one has the guts to step up and recognize whats going on because their career would be jeopardized because of the damn social system and accusing someone of favoring one to the other when equality is the damn key. the problem is that its gone way far to the left and other people are missing the boat and being totally trampled on because the so-called superior ethnic group is working their ass off while others are sitting back and not doing shit. Its sickening! This is the Navy and be prepared to face it. do not join the Navy out of high school. Make GOOD grades and take advanced courses to get into a good school and get your bachelor's degree with a cum laude. Then take your ass to graduate school and skip the military community. These are not patriotic times and there are many protestors at home for someone that serves because of the Iraq war. The respect is not recognized and its seeming like a Vietnam War repeated. The people that make a career out of the Navy do not have any other career options and are power hungry for whatever reason. the key is to always have an option other than the military and have an establishment. You talk about the school of hard knocks, well i have been through it and thats just because for one moment in time i was patriotic and had heart felt emotions for those that died in the twin tours. I am very reluctant to admit any kind of patriotism now, and i have learned to take care of number one and not give a damn about anyone else but my supportive family with whom i havent seen in almost 2 years due to this no holds barred theoretic communist regime known as the Navy to continue fighting for freedom. Make educated decisions and please dont make dreadful mistakes that can end up possibly detrimental to your own life. I hope this is a testament that all can read and be aware of. Until next time, i am concluding now.

how's it goin...
im a deserter for about a year now and i want to gte my name cleared...ive been goin to skoo since i left da navy and i want to know what can i do... i served 3 yrs and 4 months...i got an offer to play college football then i took it...i requested an early out but my chiefs fuckd me over so i jus left...what should i do..please help me out...thanks........

Water !!!!

Just watch they dont try a 'were deeply concern about xxxxxx' bullshit and try to send you to some hospital.The hospitals wont let you go until heavily abused and forcefully medicated, HEAVEN FORBID you try to speak up about something.

Sure as HELL don't tell nobody.NOBODY about leaving the boat.EVER.Just leave.GO. STAY GONE. STAY QUIET.All I can say.

Check this out. There are these guys in the navy going around while people are sleeping in their racks and slipping a rag with ether over the mouth and then he slides into bed with you and fucks you in the ass... Happened to me and half the others in my shop. I fucking left. Took me a while but I got gonorrhea from it and also a bacterial infection... Don't join the navy unless you like getting fucked in the ass while your sleeping and that's the fucking truth. Don't join the army or marines unless you feel like dieing... No lie. The military is the last thing people want to sign up for.

It has been 6 months now. I feel much better than I did. I needed time to look back on everything that was happening to understand. Now that I understand what was happening I can go back and I can tell someone. I did a lot of crazy shit since I left but I know what I did was what I had to do because I was so depressed... I held a knife to my chest multiple times trying to get the balls to stab myself and end it but I didn't and I left and survived this long. Now it is time to go back and tell them what was happening and maybe this time they will listen. I don't know what else to do I don't want to keep hiding. I want to get my life together and move on with the good in it. I want to get a job and go to school and find a girl. I know I fucked up but I fucked up for a reason... Don't listen to rich he don't know what he's talking about. IF you go UA cause you don't feel like going to work thats another story but if you leave cause someone is out to get you or your going crazy (hearing voices) and you cant seem to get any help don't kill yourself there is more out there for you there is help you just have to seek it. The military is full of people that enjoy to watch other suffer. These people are the ones that deserve to be forced to go UA not the people trying to better their life and help themselves and their families in the future. These people are the problem...

What if u file for hardship can u get out. I have a wife and 2 kids one of my kids is a speacial needs child and I cant afford to be gone 6 mnths from him. I hate the navy too and want to get out

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